[c i n] was born this summer out of my belief that a) my workload could not possibly be as dire as I was remembering and b) film students at Muhlenberg were ready to challenge, confront, and question cinema on independent terms. [c i n] is meant to provide an outlet for student film culture and provide a way to engage with the visual arts outside of academics.

I thank kate squared for confessing this was her secret dream and for listening to my rants about Mercury. I thank Dr. Osterweil for immediately offering to help and advise us—and for scolding the rest of our class into participating. I also thank all of those who have helped us get this off the ground and have shown such enormous enthusiasm for this project.

Finally, I’d like to remind you all to [c i n] every chance you get.


We try to pretend that [c i n] isn’t just two chicks with a computer. We really hope we get away with it!

Due to procrastination, decaffination, negotiation, and Birth of a Nation, we postponed the publication of our first issue until literally moments before the 2008 election. We really should apologize, but instead we will fill your ears (or eyes, I suppose) with promises never to do it again and hopes that reading this right before you go into the voting booth will provide a thrilling convergence between theory and that whole, you know, reality thing.

If not for the support of Dr. Ara Osterweil, Amra Brooks, and the brilliant students in Women Filmmakers, this issue probably wouldn’t have been published until next year. Thank you.



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